33 The Best Rustic Home Design Ideas For Exterior

The Best Rustic Home Design Ideas For Exterior 23

There is a plethora of siding material to choose from. But, if you want to have a stylish look, then look no further. Cedar siding will surely work the best for the overall architecture of our homes. It is important to understand the positives and the drawbacks associated with installation of cedar siding. Cedar is a form of wood, but more elegant than wood. It definitely lends warmth and style to the overall ambience. As compared to wood, cedar is long lasting and more durable. It is termite resistant, but you may have to paint it annually so that its elegance is maintained. Just make sure to treat it, so that it does not attract fungus or molds.

Cedar falls under the category of soft woods, but it is definitely durable as compared to other soft woods. It is a great choice when it comes to sidings and it suits every climatic condition. Cedar sidings prevent the outside heat from escaping from our homes during the winter season and the home remains warm and cosy. It also looks stylish and is being widely adopted in recent home designs. Also it gels brilliantly with every environment. The natural fragrance of cedar is soothing. It needs to be treated at least once in two years so that it maintains its lustre and quality. It calls for basic maintenance and one may want to hire a cleaning or maintenance company.

Cedar siding enhances the overall beauty of wood. People prefer going in for this form of siding, as it is a perfect combination of beauty as well as durability. Cedar is available in varied colors, patterns and textures. Depending on the exclusive look you want your home to have, choose the right kind of siding. Cedar is eco-friendly in nature and is low on maintenance costs. The only disadvantage of it is that in damp places or places prone to high moisture content, it may get damaged, if it is not treated in the right manner. Thus, if you want your home to have a rustic and natural look, then cedar siding is undoubtedly the best option.

Cedar is available in colors like yellow, red and white. Red cedar has high oil content and is porous. It can be given a neat finish and then used for sidings. Cedar siding definitely enhances the overall look of our home, as compared to vinyl and wooden siding. Homes or bungalows that have cedar siding installed have excellent sound absorption qualities. The wonderful feature of this siding is that it keeps the interiors warmer during winters and cooler during summers.

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