33 Nice Apartment Decorating Ideas On a Budget

Nice Apartment Decorating Ideas On A Budget 23

Using mirrors as art work is a wonderful way to beautify your home or apartment while adding dimension and light. And this is a great tool when you are decorating on a budget.

Let’s start with mirrors that go beyond those in your bedroom and bath. We want something glitzy or sleek, romantic or rustic for the public living areas of your home. Begin your quest for mirrors at thrift stores or garage sales. I can tell you from my experience that they show up in thrift stores every week. Some may be from old dressesr or look pretty sad because the frame is beat up. Don’t despair. You are going to make these into objects of beauty. You may pay as little as $3 for a small mirror or up to $20 for a large mirror. Those are bargain prices. And yes, garage sales are gold mines for mirrors as well. I once got an authentic Venetian Glass Mirror, worth several hundred dollars, for seven dollars at a garage sale where the woman was moving away and just wanted everything to go. And don’t overlook dollar stores for cute mirrors too. Small mirrors can have big impact when grouped together.

Today there is a lot of interest in items that have an organic, natural kind of look. There are several techniques to achieve this look on your mirrors. Begin with tree branches, bare of their summer foliage. Find some that have interesting shape or texture. On a wood framed mirror, you can staple the branches into place or use small nails to attach them. On a plain mirror with no frame, glue the branches into place on all four sides of the mirror. Or for a different look, glue a plain mirror to a piece of MDF leaving a margin of several inches around the mirror. Cut the branches into thin, round slices and glue onto the MDF frame like mosaic tiles. This works well with sea shells, beads, buttons,coiled rope etc.

Using a can of frosted glass spray and a stencil you can create a beautiful design on a mirror. Tape your stencil into place, being sure to cover any areas that you do not want frosted. Lightly spray over the stencil with the frost spray. When it dries, remove stencil to reveal frosted glass. Reposition stencil over other areas as needed and repeat the spraying until you have all areas stenciled as you wish.

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