33 Awesome Bedroom Decor Ideas For This Summer

Awesome Bedroom Decor Ideas For This Summer 11

So it’s hot and muggy, and you can no longer remember why you couldn’t wait for summer to get here. Give yourself a break and make a few quick and cheap changes. It’s easier than you think.

Cotton or linen slipcovers, in light shades, will convert those heavy textured sofas, chairs and throw pillows into a cool looking and feeling summer delight in no time at all. Roll up that heavy area rug and store it, along with any heavy or dark accessories, till winter. Replace it with a bamboo mat or nothing at all. And accessorize with light baskets of greens, sea shells, or fruits.

Light summer scented potpourri and candles, and clear bowls of water with petals from the flowers in your garden can adorn tables, bathroom counters, and bedroom dressers. Fresh flowers, bowls of fruit, and light colored sheers on the windows will complete a breezy and cool new look for your home.

Give the kids a project, too. Give them each a small, old desk chair (back to the yard sale) and let them decoupage it for their rooms. You can keep them busy for days, collecting the pictures from magazines, wrapping paper, and even old fabric remnants. Let them pick the theme, and make sure they have plenty of sources to work with. If they are old enough to cut and glue by themselves, you will only need to supervise.

They are going to love the results (even if you don’t) because they chose the theme, picked and cut out all the pictures, and placed them by themselves. It is inexpensive, time-consuming, and will make them happy. And that will make your summer even breezier!

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