38 Gorgeous Backyard Fish Pond Design Ideas That You Definitely Like

Gorgeous Backyard Fish Pond Design Ideas That You Definitely Like 30

When I initially thought about putting in a backyard fish pond, I went back to the memories of the pond I had seen as a kid. That pond was not really huge or anything, but I remember the clear falling water, the shade and the large goldfish type fish swimming around. Because I had kept a fish aquarium as a kid, I was really impressed with this ‘outdoor fish tank’.

Now it is many years later and I sometimes get reminiscent about the good old days. I thought about that pond and had the bright idea to build one for myself. As much as I really want a backyard fish pond of my own, I wasn’t sure of the design, construction and upkeep it would require. Time is precious and I want to spend my time enjoying things and not maintaining them. Here are a few things that I found out during my research into constructing a backyard fish pond.

The design of a pond is really only limited to your imagination, space and budget. Ponds can be designed in any depth and shape you want. While searching for pond designs, I actually found someone who designed a heart shaped pond! The depth of a pond varies depending on the type of fish and plant life you want to sustain. You no doubt will have fun dreaming of different designs, but you should keep in mind the space you have for the pond and the budget. Your space will pretty much dictate the size and shape of your pond. Be mindful of your property boundaries, yard traffic patterns, and where the sun shines in your yard. It will take you a weekend or two to get your pond ready for fish.

Pond materials, equipment and fish are readily available online and locally. I was very surprised at the many variations of pond liners, pumps and fish you can use to establish your pond. While the internet is a fantastic resource, don’t forget your local nursery. There are two local nurseries by me that carry everything I need for my pond and they also offer fantastic advice and easy returns in case something goes wrong.

Pond upkeep was a major concern in the beginning, but after reading on the subject I am no longer anxious about it. In the beginning I was thinking pond maintenance would be similar to maintaining a swimming pool, but that is not the case. I found a fantastic book all about ponds and it showed me how a properly designed and balanced pond will maintain itself. When I say properly balanced, I am referring to stocking your pond with the right fish, plants and equipment. When your pond ecosystem is thoroughly planned, constructed and balanced, you will have little to do but feed your fish and pull up a lawn chair and enjoy.

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