39 Inspiring Open Shelving Kitchen Decor Ideas Easy To Copy

39 Inspiring Open Shelving Kitchen Decor Ideas Easy To Copy

Imagine the kitchen of your dreams. Is it relaxed and comfortable like in a country kitchen, or sleek and streamlined like in a contemporary kitchen, or is it timeless and versatile as seen in a traditional style kitchen. Whatever style kitchen you have using a tea set to put the finishing touches on the décor would be a beautiful addition to any style kitchen. With so many styles and colors to choose from finding the perfect set to any style can be done with ease. Tea sets can not only bring beauty and elegance to your home but comfort and much enjoyment. With the perfect set you will be ready to entertain a group or your closest friend with a moments notice. Or your pieces can be displayed beautifully for all to see and enjoy.

With the many different styles of kitchens and personalities there are in this world and all the different types of tea sets there are finding the right fit for your home décor will be a breeze. First let’s take a look at the different kitchen styles, then see what style will best fit that kitchen, and last what is the best way to display your pieces.

The country kitchen which has a style that is relaxed and comfortable would be best suited with an English Style or a glass set. These can be displayed in the country style by using display stand that display each individual set together. For example one plate one saucer and tea cup. You could also display this style using tea cup racks, which would only display the tea cups, or placed out properly on the kitchen or breakfast table would be a beautiful arrangement. If you have open kitchen shelves arranging the set on the shelves would also be a great place.

The contemporary kitchen which has a style that is sleek and streamlined would be best suited with a Japanese style, glass, or even a stainless steel set. These can be displayed in many different ways but my favorite would be to display the tea pot in a craft display box. This would be especially beautiful if the pot has value or is a clay pot. The best way to display a Japanese tea set would be on a Japanese tea tray on a breakfast table or island with a linen and Japanese flower that matches the set you have.

The traditional kitchen which is timeless and versatile would be best suited by any of these. Pick a set that compliment the colors in your kitchen and display as suggested above and your kitchen will be complete. There are also many ceramic pieces that fall in between the pieces mentioned above that would also be a perfect fit to the traditional kitchen. Another one of my favorite ways to decorate with a tea set is to use it as a vase. Put a favorite flower into your teapot or tea cup and display it on a kitchen table or side table or window sill. This can also be used in the contemporary kitchen

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