37 Fabulous Dorm Room Decor Ideas Easy To Copy

37 Fabulous Dorm Room Decor Ideas Easy To Copy

Going away to college is a huge step for many children every year. Dorm walls can be very plain and boring and usually there are rules to prevent painting. With vinyl wall decals you can change this boring wall into something very personal and homey for the year that your child is using this space.

A lot of college students spend their first year a little homesick and unsure of what to do on their own. I think a great idea is to take a picture out the window of the child’s room at home and get it printed full size on wall vinyl. This addition to a college room will bring in a comfortable familiarity. A lot of the beds in dorm rooms don’t have headboards, so this is another great place to add wall decals to create a unique headboard with items that interest you.

Maybe you would like a headboard composed of tree trunks, or a flower garden or the front of a car. If you can find a company that offers custom designs then you can utilize great photos that you have taken and use them in ways that will have a great impact on your new living space. Maybe you want to utilize chalkboard vinyl for its decorative and functional features.

Another great addition to dorm room decorating is to add photos of family and friends. Maybe you would like to use vinyl for this as well, it is easier to apply then hanging a picture frame. Some dorms may not let you put nail holes in the wall and if they do, then you will have to repair them when you move out at the end of the year. You can utilize vinyl frames or be creative with other stock vinyl. Another idea is to get a sheet of square or rounded outline squares and make a grouping of photos with different sizes and you can arrange them to reflect your decorating style.

It can be difficult living on your own and being responsible. It is important to relax and have fun with dorm room decorating, but the main focus of your experience is to get your education and excel in the field that you have chosen. Maybe some inspirational words on your walls will help you to keep your eyes in the books.

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