Removing the bath and building a large shower enclosure will give you plenty of room to move around making the area look bigger than ever. 3272020 The marble bench offers the perfect spot to sit and enjoy the benefits of all the steam accumulated after a long wash.

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1USE DAWN DISH SOAP TO SCRUB BATHTUB AND SHOWER WALLS If you have read some of my other articles you will realize that I love using dawn dish soap to clean.


Inspiring Bathroom Steam Cleaner Ideas.

There’s nothing like a long hot soak in the bath after a busy day to relax the muscles and unwind. Until you find that there’s a ring of dirt around the bath and somebody has left a damp towel lurking in a corner. Is that the pleasant smell of aromatherapy oil or just mildew? Bathrooms are one of the high traffic areas of our homes and the combination of heat, moisture and constant abuse by the mysterious towel shedding monster can combine to make them one area that is subject to developing moulds and bacteria. But how dangerous are the germs and bacteria in our bathrooms and how can we ensure a truly clean and sanitised room?

The most problematic germs and bacteria that commonly develop in bathrooms are usually the result of mould or mildew that thrives on a diet of left over human skin, body oils and soap residue. The warm, humid atmosphere, that bathrooms feature, also makes them the perfect climate for the spread of mildew. Surprisingly there are probably more risks from germs at our office desk than in our domestic bathrooms, but mildew is commonly believed to be responsible for an increased risk of asthma and allergies.

Some basic rules apply to keeping the bathroom, shower rooms and toilets sanitized and healthy. A good daily wipe round will reduce the risk of mildew developing in the first place. Bath and sink units need particular attention, along with shower curtains. A weekly deep clean of the whole room is also essential. There are two approaches to this, one of which is by far the simplest and quickest. The first is to stockpile a range of cleaning chemicals and be prepared to scrub, polish and wipe vigorously for a couple of hours. The second is to invest in a steam cleaner.

If you like hardcore domestic cleaning and enjoy spending your leisure time scrubbing and cleaning every surface, bleaching tiles, grout and toilet bowls you’ll probably choose the first option. For everybody else, read on! While there are a host of bathroom cleaning products on the market many of them contain more chemicals than a weapons inspector could shake a clipboard at. The simplest, possibly healthiest option is a steam cleaner, which not only cleans but is more effective than those household products.

If you’re stuck at a dead-end job, bored with your career, lost your job, or are just looking for extra money to pay off debt, starting a home cleaning business could be your ticket to freedom and a better life. How to start a house cleaning business? Today, more than ever, people are pressed for time. With both partners working, people don’t have time to clean anymore. What was once considered a luxury service is now considered a necessity service. Everyone from busy professionals & families to seniors who can’t clean themselves anymore seek professional cleaning services.

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