Well go through the ins and outs of the most popular furniture requests from Big Lots shoppers. Explore our store and find the TV stand that will meet your requirements and blend with your furniture.

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Blue LED is included.


Stunning Big Lots Furniture Tv Stands Ideas.

When looking to purchase a TV stand you should take all of those questions that you have and break them down one by one and in the end you’ll have the exact TV stand that you’re looking for. Now chances are you have already bought the TV like I did and now you need somewhere to put it.

So the first question is most likely “How big of a TV stand do I need to get?” Every television set comes with the specifications on the box telling you the dimensions of the TV and how much it weighs. If you threw it out already than you can just look it up online. Once you have the dimensions and the weight than you have to make sure your TV stand is deep enough to fit the entire stand and that the stand itself can hold that specific weight. Imagine buying a TV stand and almost half the base of the TV is hanging off, all it needs is one little bump and then it goes crashing to the floor. All TV stands whether online or in the store will have specifications that tell you exactly how big they are and exactly how much weight they can hold so make sure to check that out.

When it comes to shelving and storage you will notice many different options such as open shelving, cabinets, and drawers. This is more of a personal choice on what you plan to store in the TV stand. If you don’t have to many items to place there than I would suggest one with cabinets or drawers this way the space won’t be so empty looking. Open shelving storage is a more modern and newer look which, in my opinion, looks very sleek and captivating as long as you don’t leave it all empty. It allows you to be creative and spread out your audio/video equipment, gaming consoles, DVDs, and can even add some decorative pieces to bring everything together.

TV stands are generally the focal point of the whole room and you should aim to make it match with everything else in that particular room. If you have all brown furniture than you don’t want to buy a green TV stand right? Well, I wouldn’t at least. You want to make sure it matches with the other furniture in the room so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Along with that you want to decide if the stand will be stationary and stay in one particular spot or will you want to move it around different areas of the room. If you plan on moving it around than I suggest looking into ones that have wheels on the bottom to make your life so much easier.

Black is one of the best colors for your TV set. A beautiful black TV unit is the perfect way to update your living room. The sleek design will give you plenty of storage space for all your favorite movies and games. It’s also an excellent place to display your collection of framed photos or family photos. If you want a black TV unit of the highest quality, you can have it at Black TV unit.

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