Attach the camera Put Nest Cam onto the mounting magnet and aim it where you like. You can purchase a hollowed out garden gnome or rock online.

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Installing an outdoor camera with a clear view of the driveway and surrounding area can help prevent vandalism or theft of vehicles and identify perpetrators loitering on the street or leaving in a car parked near the driveway.


Stunning Nest Outdoor Camera Install Ideas. You could splice the 5VDC from another source but depending the distance. If the wall is made of a material like brick or stone. 9122017 Install cameras 8-10 feet from the ground.

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor. The places you want to install your cameras. You probably have a good idea of where you want to install your Nest Cam IQ Outdoor already.

VERSATILE MOUNTING OPTION FOR NEST CAM OUTDOOR Finally a more versatile mounting option to mount your Nest Cam Outdoor and angle it in a 90-degree angle. 282018 Install cameras at your front and back doors to guard your entryways. Dont point cameras directly at the sun.

Front door First-floor window Back door Garage When installing a camera in a high location always use a stable ladder and seek assistance when needed. Install cameras with a smaller field of view from a 45- to 75-degree angle facing a door or above a garage in a driveway facing outward. Find a spot above your doors where your cameras view will not be obstructed and drill the mounting plate into your wall.

Positioning Your Outdoor Security Cameras. Place the mounting magnet Screw the wall plate onto your wall. Httpsamznto2NaqFKjIn this video we teach you how to hide Nest Camera cords for the Nest.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN We have designed a proprietary magnetic screw mount that attaches directly to the Nest Cams magnetic mount and allows you to angle your camera in ways you otherwise could not. So the purpose of this piece is to guide you to effective placement of your outdoor security cameras. Well-placed outdoor security cameras can help in three major areas.

You can also place the camera on the. Increase chances of catching them. You can then place your camera inside of the fake rock or gnome and point the lens of the camera out of the hole.

Install your Nest Cam 7 to 10 feet 2 to 3 meters above the ground. Tips for outdoor cameras. 7142016 As well as waterproofing Nest has also built a speaker and microphone into the outdoor camera allowing you to speak directly with say a delivery driver to let them know where to leave a parcel.

3192019 Install the camera where it will get the most range of view. Use the video stream in the Nest app to fine-tune your cameras position. Here are some key things to think about.

Its a 100-240AC to 5VDC 14 A so you do need the adaptor. Attach your camera to the mounting plate and check to make sure you can see well both in daylight and nighttime. Should a Security Company Handle It.

You mean instead of using the nest power adapter. Use the Nest app to check your cameras view and make sure youre not. 12282017 Conceal your camera in a fake rock or garden gnome.

Bright light causes glare and high contrast in your footage which makes it hard to tell whats going on. Use a drill bit thats as big as the lens on your camera and drill a hole in the fake rock or garden gnome. 6222017 Has anyone spliced a out door nest camera to a power line in the house.

1182018 Ideally all entrances to the home even the garage door should be under camera surveillance. 922020 Some spots around your homes exterior that are effective for installing your camera includes next to the. Its a good idea to drill pilot holes first.

Identify intruders that ignore or dont notice cameras. Place cameras with a wider field of view from 75 to 180 degrees in a location where you can take advantage of the whole range of view such as the corner of a building. This height is low enough to capture fine details but high enough to be out of easy reach of thieves and vandals.

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